Heard of email tracking but are hesitant over its actual benefits to your business? Here are 5 ways email tracking can benefit your business:

5 Ways Email Tracking Can Benefit Your Business

1. Insights into Your Emails

Right now, when you send an email, the only insight you have is that you sent it. You don’t know whether people open it, click on a link, whether they just opened it once and forgot about it, or are constantly opening it up. 

You have absolutely zero insights.

That’s fewer insights than on about any other online communications tool.

On Instagram? You see, when someone viewed your message and whether they replied a photo. 

Email tracking gives your business insights that you otherwise lack.

2. Ability to Improve Your Emails (Our Favorite Way Email Tracking Can Benefit a Business)

Traditionally you could only improve your emails based on what you think works better.

Except, what you think works better doesn’t always work better.

Humans are prone to both overestimating and underestimating efficiency. That sometimes results in us changing what works and not doing anything about when we should do something.

With email tracking, now you have an entire set of data regarding what works and what doesn’t.

Perhaps certain subject lines of emails get more opens. Maybe a certain intro gets better results. And perhaps it’s attaching a certain link that makes all the difference.

With email tracking, you can see that difference.

And sure, there is a lot of sites with data about sales emails and such, except, they don’t apply to your region, industry, and type of pitch, as they are just general. Those are still useful but not as useful as actual data about your own emails.

3. Easy Identification of Prospects

If your business consists of quite a lot of emails, this is where you will benefit a lot in this sector.

5 Ways Email Tracking Can Benefit Your Business

With email tracking, you can quickly identify which prospects are more likely to convert based on how much they interact with your email, allowing you to spend more time on them than on others, increasing the efficiency of your business.

This is a huge way email tracking can benefit your business.

4. Better Follow-Ups

Another way email tracking can benefit your business is through the fact that with it, you can see who opened your email but didn’t reply, and who didn’t open your email at all.

A major reason behind why emails are never opened goes down to timing, which we covered in previous posts.

If you see that somebody opened your email but didn’t reply, you can spend more time customizing that follow-up. If somebody simply never opened that email, you can write something more generic that simply makes someone aware of the email.

That will allow you to be more efficient with follow-ups, which makes a huge difference if you are dealing with hundreds of emails.

1 minute on 100 follow-ups per week = 100 minutes of your time spent on follow-ups that could be spent on something else.

With MailTag, apart from email tracking, you can also send automatic follow-ups for emails that haven’t yet been opened.

Cold Email follow up with MailTag

5. Piece of Mind

Ever sent an important email and couldn’t stop wondering about what’s happening?

This is a super simple way email tracking can benefit your business, but yet, still a very effective way because it can allow you or your team to work with a peace of mind, instead of worrying about whether they sent something wrong, or somebody didn’t like the pitch.

And that allows to work better on other projects. Without email tracking, you don’t know what happened to the email you sent.

These Are the 5 Ways Email Tracking Can Benefit Your Business

Enough benefits for you to use email tracking?

Why not try out MailTag with our trial that doesn’t require a card?

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