Looking to get more out of your Gmail? Here are 5 Gmail hacks that you will love using:

Undo Send for 30 Seconds

Most people are aware of the fact that you can undo an email with Gmail.

What most aren’t aware of is that you can undo an email for up to 30 seconds.

And this is one of these hidden secrets Gmail hacks you will love using, that’s super simple to execute.

  1. Press on the ⚙️ icon, followed by pressing on Settings.
  2. Click on General and find the Undo Send settings.
  3. Modify.
5 Secret Gmail Hacks You Will Love Using

Gmail Filters and Labels

As far as organization goes, labels and filters are one of the secret Gmail hacks that will change your organization level.

There’s a lot of ways to apply them, but we’ll just show you some quick and effective examples of first how to apply them, and then of our recommended filters.

  1. Click on Filters and Blocked Addresses.
  2. Now press on Create a New Filter.

Select your filter of choice. In our case, we wanted to label our newsletters so we typed in “newsletter” in the Has the Words section.

Press Create Filter

5 Secret Gmail Hacks You Will Love Using

Now, select your desired outcome. We wanted to make the newsletter skip the inbox, but perhaps you want to create a label for them so you can find them easier in your inbox.

Our recommended labels:

  1. Clients.
  2. To reply to – ASAP
  3. Reply – Unknown
  4. Reply – Requires more Time
  5. Replied

We made an entire guide about labels if you would like to learn more about them, but the great thing about labels is how easily you can switch them.

If you reply to an email, you can move that email to a Replied folder, and it allows for some incredible organization.

Tracking of Emails

Did you ever overthink an email you sent?

Especially if it had some type of mistake, or you forgot to mention something?

And did that one email make you waste the next hour or two?

What if you were just able to track emails?

Something that you can, in a way, do with messages on social media platforms, but a bit more advanced.

That’s where the MailTag extension for Google Chrome comes in.

If you’ve ever sent an important email and wondered what happened next, now you don’t have to, because you will know.

And with MailTag, you won’t just know that somebody opened your email. You will also know every time they open it, and how they engage with based on whether they click on links or not.

5 Secret Gmail Hacks You Will Love Using

Knowing What Location an Email Was Sent From

Knowing what location an email was sent from isn’t useful for everyone, but for those that follow-up a lot, it might come crucial.

The standard way of tracking someone’s location is by copying the header of an email and pasting it in on a website that is in the biz of location.

In our guide to location tracking of Gmails in which we covered the two methods, benefits, ethics, and limitations, we covered that, that is not the best way to do it as it’s not accurate, is time-consuming, and doesn’t offer privacy.

And this is where once again, MailTag comes in. Just send an email, go to your MailTag dashboard, press on Details, and you will see the location of your email recipient.

Scheduling Emails

Waiting for the right time to send an email can be quite annoying.

Except, you don’t really have to wait.

Email’s scheduling tool is hidden right under your eyes.

Just press on the little arrow facing down on the Send button.

Schedule emails, Gmail hacks

If you do plan to use MailTag for email tracking, it does also come with a scheduling feature that’s slightly more advanced than of Gmail as it allows you to change the timezone that the message will be sent at.

These 5 Secret Gmail Hacks Will Save You Hours!

People love Gmail for this reason. It gives comfort that others don’t provide.

Ready to try these secret Gmail hacks out?

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