Cold calls can be a powerful tool for getting clients. It’s not possible to cover as much in an email. But cold calls work only if you do them right. These 5 tips will make you do them right.

5 Killer Tips to Make Cold Calls work (That You Need to Start Using)

1. Don’t Be Rude And Make People Aware You Are Planning to Cold Call Them with an Email

The last phone call from a number you didn’t recognize. What did you do?

Did you pickup?



And we don’t blame you.

Random numbers calling us sounds like trouble.

…Especially if that number is from a different country, and hey, there’s a lot of people around the world.

It takes an average of 8 cold call attempts to reach a prospect. And largely for that reason.

That’s why it’s important to make your recipient aware of the fact that you want to cold call, or rather call with them.

People have their lives, football games, their family, don’t just interrupt them.

This is where email comes in as a solution. If you can reach someone with an email before, providing the information they wish they could know right away when you call, that would create trust, you will vastly increase the chances of getting a conversion.

A useful tool for this is MailTag which allows you to track your email opens and link clicks to know if people are opening your email and checking you out.

If people aren’t opening your email, you can take it further by sending an automatic follow-up via MailTag’s PINGs feature.

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2. Personalize Your Cold Calls

There’s nothing wrong with a script or a template, but you need to think about the other person on the phone call.

If you are taking someone’s time, to hopefully sell them something, take your 5 minutes to do your research.

Find out there name, find out something about the company, and mention it. People want to hire someone they can trust.

Example 1:

Hi there,

Are you looking to update your website?

Example 2:

Hi Ben,

Michael Smolski here, I’m reaching out as I love your MailTag tool for tracking when people open my emails, but I find the mobile version of your website, quite buggy.

I know you are an extension, but based on the stats on the internet, I assume a portion of your website views come from a phone.

Is this something you thought about?

Bla bla bla…. I’m an expert at mobile websites and would love to help…

Which example would you be more likely to trust?

One that shows somebody did the research or one that looks like somebody didn’t put any effort in?

3. Don’t Lie

When customizing cold emails or calls, it’s super important not to lie as that’s worth than not customizing an email.

If you lie, and someone finds out, whether now or in the future, that’s it.

Not only will it cost you a client, but also potentially your reputation.

…So please don’t invent that you met someone from someone’s company and that’s why you are calling.

Someone might be interested in your services, but might also be curious about how you met someone, and then when they dig into it, they will be surprised.

4. Don’t Be Too Selly on the First Call

Cold calls are a process.

5 Killer Tips to Make Cold Calls work (That You Need to Start Using)

Don’t expect to get a yes on the first call, unless somebody already knows about you, or you already emailed or messaged before.

If you come in there trying to close the deal ASAP you are going to look desperate to get a client.

That’s a huge mistake made both in cold calling and cold emailing.

Instead, focus on how you can help somebody.

A HUGE mistake made both in emailing and calling is the mistake of trying to sell too quickly.

We’ve received pitches in the past that mentioned pricing right away. Don’t do that.

5. Mix Strategies

You have one goal, right?

You want to increase conversions.

The best way to do it is by mixing strategies.

Statistics are great, but statistics don’t tell the whole story.

They don’t reflect on your industry, your country, your region, and on the individual.

Apple CEO and Microsoft CEO both run huge companies, but that doesn’t mean that they do things the same.

That’s why it’s important to do your research and to mix your strategies.

Maybe somebody doesn’t like phone calls and mentioned it on their LinkedIn. Maybe somebody gets too much emails and prefers LinkedIn.

There’s no wrong way to reach people, as long as it works.

These 5 Killer Tips Will Make Your Cold Calls Work

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