Email Tracking is considered useful by many because of the data it’s able to provide you with. But just like a fitness tracker data is useless without you doing anything with the data, the same applies to email tracking. That’s why here are the 4 email tracking Gmail tricks for 2020 that will allow you to use email tracking to its full potential.

4 Email Tracking in Gmail Tricks for 2020

1. Knowing When Your Emails Are Ignored (The Most Obvious Email Tracking in Gmail Tricks)

“Sorry for the late reply. I never saw your email.”

Oh, yes, you did.

One of the most obvious email tracking tricks in Gmail is to check what happened with your email after it was sent.

You can track in real-time, when people opened your email for the first time, whether your email was opened at all, how many times it was opened, and how many times people clicked on a link.

That’s the main reason why people and companies that send a lot of emails use email tracking.

If your email is being opened a lot, it most likely means that your recipient is thinking of a reply, or that he or she forwarded the email. 

And if your email has been opened once or perhaps has never been opened, due to the data from email tracking, you can send a follow-up to make your email seen.

Just like, if a specific link is clicked on, but you haven’t got a reply you can write a follow-up that is centered around the content of that link.

Auto Follow-Up

This isn’t a standard email tracking feature, but one that you will find with MailTag which is a Google Chrome Extension.  

MailTag is an email tracker that allows you to do exactly what we mentioned in the firest email tracking trick, but it also allows you to send automatic follow-ups for the emails that haven’t yet been opened. 

That means hours saved on following-up on emails that haven’t got you a reply.

And if you don’t already send follow-ups in the first place, you need to start. Follow-ups have been shown to drastically improve reply rates according to all data.

Even without data, this email tracking tip in Gmail makes sense. People naturally will miss emails because apart from work, they also have their lives and issues going on.

To send follow-ups with MailTag, press on the third icon from the left which will state Ping Email as you go over it with your mouse.

4 Email Tracking in Gmail Tricks for 2020, Automatic Pings, Automatic follow-ups

There you will be given an option to choose your follow-up sequence. Or if you press the gear icon, you can customize the sequences to your liking.

3. Send Yourself Reminders

There’s a ton of ways to send yourself reminders, but email remainders might be the best way to do it from the perspective of taking action.

With MailTag you can schedule your emails by simply pressing on the clock icon at the bottom of the email. And then selecting the time zone that you want to send your email at.

4 Email Tracking in Gmail Tricks for 2020, Automatic Pings, Automatic follow-ups

Another great thing you can do with emails is to schedule emails with your goals to yourself. 

Most MailTag users, however, use this feature to schedule emails to others. For instance for emails to be sent in the morning of someone’s timezone. If you send a ton of emails, scheduling emails is also a great way to spread out the sending of similar sound emails.

4 Email Tracking in Gmail Tricks for 2020, prevent spam emails

So that your emails aren’t marked as spam.

4. Improve Your Emails

Majority of email tracking users use email tracking to track what people do with their emails after they are sent. That way they can classify who’s a better lead, and as a result, spend time on the leads that are more likely to convert. While having the ability to automatically follow-up with those that haven’t opened up an email with the help of MailTag.

But email tracking has much more value than just classifying who’s a better lead. As it’s one of the best email tracking in Gmail tricks is for you to analyze the data you get from sending emails.

For instance, data shows that 33% of emails are opened based on the subject line alone. Something that’s super simple as it’s just one line. Yet, most never spend time thinking about their subject line. And about how moving around a few words can have a drastic impact on email reply rates.

By tracking emails over time, eventually, patterns will start to form. You might start to see that emails with a specific subject line or intro get more opens.

You might start to see that certain links are of interest to people meanwhile some aren’t.

And you might find that a specific type of emails/pitches get better responses.

Then, based on seeing how people react to your videos, you can make changes that will improve your emails. And thus improve your open and reply rates in Gmail.

That’s 4 Email Tracking Tricks for Gmail

If you send a ton of emails, these email tracking tricks will make a huge difference to you.

…If you do something with the data.

Otherwise, it’s just data…

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