Google Chrome is the king of web browsers, but not every king is the best, and there are several web browsers that aren’t Chrome, that keep the best of Chrome, with that being support for Chrome extensions.

Microsoft Edge (Most Popular of Browsers That Support Chrome Extensions

Microsoft has surprised a lot of people with this move in the past, but this newer version of the browser has quickly grown in popularity over the past few months, and is the most popular browser that supports Chrome extensions, apart from Chrome.

4 Browsers That Support Chrome Extensions That Are Worth Using & Top 5 Extensions, Microsoft Edge

The reasons for that?

The web browser is much faster than the original Chrome, while at the same time offering much more advanced privacy features, while at the same time keeping the things that people love about Chrome, and of course, while coming with Chrome extensions support.

…Without that aspect, this web browser would not be noticed.

You can learn more about it by reading our Microsoft Edge review.


Opera unlike Edge doesn’t right away come with Chrome extensions as you first need to install the “Install Chrome Extensions” from the Opera store, but once you do that, Opera will support all Chrome extensions.

4 Browsers That Support Chrome Extensions That Are Worth Using & Top 5 Extensions, Opera

Opera’s best features?

Without a doubt the power saving ability which comes in super useful when you are traveling and don’t have a socket nearby.

The web browser also comes with a unique look that differs a lot from all the other web browsers mentioned in this guide.

Vivaldi Browser (Least Known of Browsers That Support Chrome Extensions)

This browser was created by the former CEO of Opera that didn’t like the direction Opera was taking. It brings back some features that Opera once had but now is missing such as notes.

The browser offers great customizability options that other browsers miss, and offers unique design features such as the color of the web browser changing to match the colors of the website you are on.

Brave Browser

The previous web browser mentioned was created by the former CEO of Opera.

4 Browsers That Support Chrome Extensions That Are Worth Using & Top 5 Extensions, Brave browser

This one? It was created by the co-founder of the Mozilla project.

It offers a much safer and more private experience than Chrome with a super unique and “brave” approach regarding ads, making it one of our favorite browsers that support Chrome extensions

The Brave Rewards system allows you to see privacy-respecting ads, and also rewards you for it, with 70% of the ad revenue, encouraging that you pass it on to your favorite content creators.

Top 5 Chrome Extensions to Get

MailTag – Know When and Where Your Emails are Opened, Create Email Signatures, And Send Automatic Follow-Ups

If you ever waste time debating over why someone didn’t yet reply to your email, MailTag solves this issue.

With the MailTag extension enabled, you will know exactly when and where your emails were first opened, when they were re-opened, and what links were clicked on.

You will have access to insights, but also will be able to check how your emails are doing, on your phone, via either the iPhone or Android MailTag app.

…And if your email doesn’t get opened at all, you can send automatic follow-ups.

A recent new feature? An email signature generator that allows you to create modern-looking signatures in 60-seconds, with an ability to switch between them directly from your email composer, as after all, not every email signature works for everything.

Tab Resize

If you do most of your work in the web browser, then you know the issue of having to switch between tabs all the time.

Having two screens helps, but that isn’t always possible, and even with that, being able to see 2-4 tabs on one screen, right away, with a click of a button, can largely boost productivity.

…Unless you are trying to watch a football match while working. That doesn’t work well...


Ever need to record something on your web browser? There is plenty of screen recording app out there, but they are quite resourceful.

Loom is easy on your device while making it super simple to share the content with others, making it perfect for showing problems or anything else you have to show, to others.

We use it all the time to show the issues that we encounter.


Regardless of how great you are at writing, you will make mistakes.

This has nothing to do with your intentions or focus, but simply the fact that our brains skip typos, and often see them as spelled right.

…Especially when you write a lot daily.

That’s where Grammarly comes into the rescue as a tool that corrects your mistakes whether it’s spelling or grammar.


Ever get distracted?

Of course, you do!

It’s hard to avoid it in today’s world.

That’s where Freedom comes in as an extension and app that is able to block your distractions.

Those Are the 4 Browsers That Support Chrome Extensions and Top 5 Extensions to Get

To sum up:

  1. Microsoft Edge.
  2. Opera.
  3. Vivaldi Browser
  4. Brave Browser.

…Mixed with these 5 extensions:

  1. MailTag
  2. Tab Resize
  3. Loom
  4. Grammarly
  5. Freedom.
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