Not using email signatures is like saying no to getting more and better replies… But here are 4 benefits of using email signatures that make a difference, and that will never have you send an email without an email signature, ever again…

Email Signatures Create Trust

Sending emails without email signatures is like trying to pick up a package at the post office, without your documents.

This is not just one of the biggest benefits of email signatures. It’s the most important benefit of email signatures.

If you are reaching out to someone that doesn’t know you, YOU NEED TO CREATE TRUST RIGHT AWAY!

Whether you do cold calling or cold emailing, the biggest obstacle is always creating that trust.

When you cold call someone, they don’t know who you are. They just know who you are claiming to be. The same applies to emails, although it’s much easier to create that trust with emails.

…If you use email signatures in a way that allows you to create trust, you will be able to get more favorable decisions.

With those ways meaning:

  • Include info to your website & as well as your position/what you do.
  • Link to your social media.
  • Provide a profile picture.

All of which you can do incredibly easy with MailTag’s forever free email signature creator.

(We recommend you check out our post on how to create the most effective email signature that gets results if you want to get more out of email signatures. ?)

Email Signatures Close Deals Quicker

Don’t make people do extra work.

If you want to close a deal, make it as simple for them as possible.

That’s one of the things we mention in our posts about cold email mistakes.

Don’t make people have to search for what your website or LinkedIn is. Chances are there’s more than a few people with your name, and if you make someone have to search for you, you are making it harder to close deals or to even get a reply.

How is someone meant to trust you if you don’t provide that info, and how is someone meant to find you if you don’t provide that info?

If you provide the information that people seek, not only are you increasing the chances of getting whatever outcome you seek but you also save the time of others, and that also increases the likelihood of getting what you want. ???

You Get Data

This is a feature-limited mostly to MailTag’s Signature Maker, and one that allows you to take your email signatures and emailing further than ever before.

7 Hidden Google Tricks in Gmail to Take Your Work to the Next Level in 2020

Traditionally, with Gmail or G Suite, you get no data at all.

You don’t know what happens after you sent an email.

…Meaning you don’t know what in your email catches people’s interest and should be a priority to include in all your emails.

With MailTag and MailTag’s email signatures, you get data on which links get clicked on meaning you will know if people are primarily interested in your Instagram page or whether they care more about your website.

➡️ Add MailTag to Your Web Browser ⬅️

…And you’ll know when your email is opened in the first place, meaning…less worrying about why you are getting no response and more focus on other emails.

Traditionally, email signatures, don’t allow for this, and they also don’t offer an easy way to switch between signatures directly in an email, as they are not integrated into Gmail at all. MailTag is.

4 Benefits of Using Email Signatures That Make a Difference


Not every email encounter you will face will relate to the company you work for or own.

…And sometimes, you aren’t selling but buying.

With email signatures, you can turn every email into an opportunity because it might be someone you are not targeting, that stumbles upon what you do in a completely unrelated email.

It’s not just you reaching the people you email though. It’s also your signature reaching everyone that your recipient forwards your email to.

People can’t act on what they know. With email signatures, you make them know.

It’s Not Just About Email Signatures…

These 4 benefits of using email signatures outline why you should be using them, but for them to be of benefit, your email must first be open, and without MailTag’s email tracking add-on, you won’t know what happens, unless you track.


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