Gary Vee has been utilizing the power of the internet before most of us even knew what Google was, and has been willingly sharing his knowledge on the internet, for free. With no catch.

But with so much Gary Vee inspiration out there, we wanted to compile some of the most inspirational Gary Vee quotes that can help you boost your business, into one place.

25 Inspirational Gary Vee Quotes:

#1: Not worrying about what people think frees you to do things, and doing things allows you to win or learn from your loss—which means you win either way.

#2: Even if your ambitions are huge, start slow, start small, build gradually, build smart.

#3: Bet on your strengths. It’s an underrated business strategy in a world where so many people are obsessed with fixing their weaknesses they give short shrift to the skills they were born with.

#4: Ideas are worthless without the execution; execution is pointless without the ideas.

#5: Give more than you take. 

#6: F*ck yesterday. Don’t dwell on it. Understand it, learn from it, but don’t over respect it and allow it to affect tomorrow negatively.

#7: Everything takes longer than you think.

#8: When you’re hustling, hustle with all you’ve got. When you’re sick, stop. Let it happen. Your body is trying to tell you something. Listen to it.

#9: 1 of the 2 of YOU is going to be right. Regardless of how you debate it in your head, either you are going to be right and you are going to be special and going to make it…Or you are a loser and you’ll never make it out of this town…But debating it over beers for 30 years is a f*cking waste of time.

#10: Everyone else sucks too, they might just be better at faking it than you.

25 Inspirational Gary Vee Quotes to Boost Your Business

#11: Life shrinks and expands on the proportion of your willingness to take risks and try new things.

#12: Give value. Give Value. Give Value. And then ask for business.

#13: You just have to make the choice to actually do it. I am so tired of excuses. Why not try something new? Be optimistic, exhibit patience, shut your mouth, and execute.

#14: Everybody wants to succeed so fast because they want to prove something to someone else. That makes you vulnerable….

#15: Produce to bring value to the other party so much so that it guilts them into doing business with you. 

#16: Always put your money back into your business.

#17: When you’re innovating, you’re going to be misunderstood.

#18: Stay True to your identity & never waiver.

#19: Your business isn’t that much different from a human body. It will run on sugar and caffeine. It will run even better if you give it water, vegetables, and a workout. But it won’t last five minutes without oxygen.

#20: We default into selling too much and not enough into branding… 

#21: The best marketing strategy ever…CARE.

#22: A 5-year plan is impossible in a world where what 5 years represents is so different than what it used to. We are going through a technology explosion, and you just can’t possibly do that. Think about what 5 years ago looked like.

#23: Once you have a framework of patience, that’s when you can pull it off.

#24: What worked for me won’t work for you, however, and vice versa. That’s why self-awareness is so vital—you have to be true to yourself at all times.

And lastly, to finish this list of 25 Gary Vee quotes…

Gary Vee Quote #25: The quotes are simple. The execution is hard. 

…These 25 Inspirational Gary Vee quotes will help you boost your business, but the last Gary Vaynerchuk quote sums it up perfectly. Reading is simple. Execution is hard. These will only help you if you execute.

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