We spend most of our workdays sending emails…But what if you could not only increase your email open rate average & reply rate but could also save time on emails in the first place?

These 14 crucial tactics will make your emails faster, better, and will get you the replies you want!

1. It Starts With Right Subject Line (Most Important To Increase Your Email Open Rate Average)

Guides on cold emails will have you believe that you should use subject lines that make someone curious.

…That approach does make sense in newsletters when someone signed up because they wanted to read it…

But when it comes to business emails, with most people receiving over a hundred emails on their business emails, the last thing someone wants to do is to click on an email that doesn’t get to the point.

The first thing someone sees when they glimpse at an email is the subject line.

It’s relatively easy to not get it wrong, but at the same time, a lot of people get it wrong. And with 1 in 3 emails being opened, based on the subject line alone, this is not something you want to get wrong.

2. Make Sure The First 2 Sentences Of An Email Make It Clear Who The Email Is For

The second thing that someone sees when you send a cold email is the beginning of an email.

By glimpsing just at the subject line and the beginning of an email, you can tell which emails are intended for you and which aren’t.

People are less likely to open emails that don’t mention the company or the name of the recipient.

Here are the worst 4 phrases you can use in the opening of your email:

  • To whom, it may concern
  • Dear business owner
  • Dear sir/Madam
  • Site Owner

If you use them, you will lose!!!

14 Crucial Tactics To Increase Your Cold Emails Open Rate & Reply Rate, absolutely not

Instead, use something like:

  • Hey Michael!
  • How are you Ben?
  • How are things going Joe?

Right away, using the name of a person or of a company will drastically increase the open rate of your emails. It won’t necessarily increase the reply rate as for that you need a great email in the first place, but it will get your email open.

…But there’s another aspect that will have an impact on your email open rate average.

3. Use A Professional Email Address (The 3/4 Crucial Elements to Increasing Your Email Open Rate Average)

There are two things that matter when it comes to this:

  1. Not using random numbers and symbols in your email.
  2. Using your domain for your email address.

Imagine I operated an email address called: michaelsmolski09@gmail . com

Does that sound like a professional that you want to hire?


For credibility, it’s crucial that you use your full name or company name in your email, and that it is hosted under your domain or the domain of a company.

If I sent you an email telling you that you won a competition without having the domain address of that Television, would you believe me?

You wouldn’t.

Use a professional email so that someone knows that you are who you say you are. It makes life easier.

It’s super easy to get one with G Suite if you own a domain.

4. Customize Your Emails Based On The Feedback

Traditionally an email once sent, would give you zero input at all.

You wouldn’t even know if someone didn’t reply you because of the fact they didn’t like your email or simply because they didn’t even see it.

Mail tracking changes that.

With the MailTag Chrome extension, you’ll know exactly when and where people opened your email, and what links they clicked on.

5 Ways Email Tracking Can Benefit Your Business

What does that mean?

That you now have incredible data about which emails work and which don’t work.

Use it… And you’ll be able to maximize your email reply rate dramatically by many times.

MailTag comes with a 2-week free trial with no need for a card, so you can decide for yourself whether you find it useful or not.

(Yes, it’s a great feeling, being able to see when someone is looking at your email.)

Here are some of the most important things to look at when customizing your emails based on data:

  1. The subject lines that get the most opens.
  2. The links that get clicked on.
  3. The things that emails that get replies lack versus the ones that don’t.

5. Do Not Copy And Paste

While customizing an email based on data is crucial for getting more replies, making sure your email is customized is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to getting replies.


As we all receive so many DAMN generic-looking emails that look like they were sent at mass scale.

And nobody wants to reply to them.

We all want to feel special like something is intended for us. Right?

So if there’s anything you do, customize your email.

How much?

The more the better, but that depends on your goals.

To fully customize your emails, you need to spend quite a bit of time on them.

Do you have 2 hours to spend on the perfect email?

If you are looking for 2-3 clients instead of 10 clients and you want to get a reply from someone specific, then yes, you should spend those 2 hours.

But most will benefit from having a basic template and customizing it.

You might find a tool like Text Expander useful for this.

Gmail Tricks and Tips - Make Your Gmail Better text expander

Text Expander allows you to have shortcuts for specific phrases, paragraphs, or links.

Simply put in a shortcut, and whatever is saved under that shortcut will appear.

With some learning time, this can allow you to very deeply customize your emails.

Imagine you had a set of different intros, pitches, and links ready for different scenarios and you could create a perfect pitch with the typing in of 4 shortcuts….

6. Do Not Make Mistakes

Why should someone take you seriously if you can’t even write the first email without mistakes?

Mistakes in emails will kill your email reply rates.

5 Things That Every Email Sent Needs to Get Email Replies

Now, on one side, there’s a lot of companies and people that don’t care about a mistake, but there’s a lot more that will.

If you made a mistake, MailTag will at least make you aware if someone isn’t replying or if they didn’t see your email yet.

How do you spot your mistakes though? By using Grammarly.

We are naturally very bad at seeing our mistakes as our brains skip through writing. Grammarly is an AI extension that you probably have seen in an ad before, that actually makes life easier.

Bonus tip: If sending a ton of pitches that sound familiar, make sure that you have the right names in. It’s very easy to send the wrong name of the company or product, and there’s no coming back from that.

7. Send To The Right Email Address In The First Place

The CEO of Microsoft is not going to open the email with your brilliant idea.

It just won’t get to them.

You would have to be extremely lucky for that to happen.

…But someone else, that’s important, that is better suited for what you are emailing for, they will more than likely open it.

This is where the Hunter extension comes in super useful.

Implementing this strategy is something you will easily see with MailTag too. You will see that the emails sent to the right individuals will get opened much sooner.

8. Actually Spend Time Researching Who You Are Emailing Though

If you are going to email anyone, not only will you not increase your cold emails open rate & reply rate, you will also make it much harder for your emails to be even opened.

Here’s what happens when you don’t research:

  1. You send your email that’s not relevant to someone at all.
  2. They flag that email as spam.
  3. Your emails are now less likely to reach someone’s inbox in the future.

9. Give Value Before Asking

Very often the emails we receive emails that ask. And that’s the wrong approach if you are looking for more replies.

14 Crucial Tactics To Increase Your Cold Emails Open Rate & Reply Rate

We all want to get out something, but if you want to be successful, you need to think not about what you want, but about what someone needs.

Instead of stating that you are looking for a client, state that you want to help solve the issue of a company.

…Instead of stating that there’s an issue or that companies tend to have x issue, actually spend your time providing value. This trick will take much more time, but if you really want a specific client, this trick gives results.

10. Show Who You Are

We receive a ton of pitches and a lot of them actually aren’t terrible but do not give us any info about who someone is.

An email address is not enough.

And this is such a simple mistake that’s made, but yet it makes such a big difference as far as reply rates.

Why should a stranger spend their time researching you when they already have so much to do.

Make sure to say who you are.

Bonus tip for the young: If you are young, you might be afraid to mention who you are, and that makes sense, but people aren’t some scary robots. They just want to know who you are because they want to trust whoever they hire.

11. Build Credibility By Using Email Signatures

Why should someone spend their 20 minutes trying to find who you are?

Unless you are a Michael Smolski, there’s probably a few thousand people with your name.

The last tip already helped with this, but take this even further.

Emails with email signatures are more trusted.

People want to see links to your LinkedIn, website, or even Instagram. They want to see your profile picture. It builds trust and more importantly, saves time which makes it easier for your recipent to respond.

12. Follow-Up

50% of sales happen after the 5th attempt.

If you just send one email and move on if there’s no response, you just wasted your time on the initial email.

People may not reply to you for as simple of a reason as the fact they never saw your email or that they had the intention to reply and forgot.

By not following up, you are killing the likelihood of increasing your cold emails open rate if someone missed your email, and then of a reply if they forgot to send one.

Of course, following-up on emails can often be super time-consuming.

…But it doesn’t have to be.

MailTag’s PINGs feature allows you to send automatic follow-ups if your emails aren’t open.

Simply customize your follow-ups template for emails that aren’t opened, enable the follow-ups, and if your email doesn’t get opened, MailTag will automatically send a follow-up, after an x amount of days, saving you hours every week.

13. Use Extensions

If you don’t currently use Google Chrome, it’s probably time you do.

Chrome can be hated for many reasons, but it comes with many incredible extensions that allow you to save time, many of which, we already mentioned in this guide.

14. Actually Email!!!

One thing MailTag users often find out when they start using our tool is how little emails they actually send.

And that’s because our brains are great at overestimating!

When you get insights on your emails, you will be very surprised by how little you actually send versuus what you think you send.

For that, we have a few tips:

  1. Block out all the distractions by using an extension like Freedom that allows you to block all the apps and sites you shouldn’t be doing.
  2. Set a goal of emails per day and reach it no matter what.
  3. Use MailTag to keep track of how many emails you sent.
  4. Use everything else we shared in this guide to make it easier and faster to send great emails.

These 14 Crucial Tactics will Increase your cold emails open rate & Reply rate

Most of these tips will increase your reply rate.

…Ultimately that’s what it’s all about, right?

As far as your open rate, the email you use, the subject, the intro, and the rating of your email, that will play a huge role.

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