We’ve all been there. You are probably there right now, searching for critical Chrome add-ons for productivity instead of doing your work. Right?

These 14 Chrome productivity extensions will make you more productive than ever, but that’s only if you install them, and start using them right away, rather than searching for even more extensions after.

14 Critical Chrome Add-ons For Productivity

1. Dark Reader (The most healthy of Chrome add-ons for productivity)

Spend hours at a screen and noticing fatigue? It will hurt your work, and well, your eyes.

Dark Reader won’t fully rest your eyes, but it will limit the fatigue from looking at a bright screen at night, simply by turning the white sections of websites whether it be Google Docs, Gmail or a news site, into black.

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2. Google Docs Offline

You won’t always have the internet with you. Why not maximize your work time by having the Docs Offline extension that allows you to work on all your documents, even when offline?

3. Hunter (One of the 14 Critical Chrome Add-ons For Productivity)

Don’t want to waste time finding the right person to contact? Hunter finds email addresses within a domain, allowing you to find the right person to contact, right away.

4. Grammarly

We suck at spotting our mistakes. Not just us. Even book authors. Why do you think they get pros to correct the work even when great writers? As our brains naturally skip through the text we write, making text that’s wrong look right.

Getting text corrected is a pricey investment though. Grammarly? It’s AI correcting your grammar and spelling mistakes. 

If you write a lot, it’s a must.

5. Loom

Ever need to record something on your web browser? Loom is the simplest screen recorder out there. Just press on the extension, start recording, and when you are finished, press on the extension again.

Just like that, you have a recording that you can share with others on the web by simply sharing a link.

We use it all the time to show issues.

6. MailTag

Ever wonder about what happened to your email after you pressed SEND? Instead of speculating, with MailTag you can have a peace of mind.

With the MailTag Chrome extension, you’ll find out exactly when your email was first read, where it was read, and what links were clicked on, giving you insights into which emails work, and which don’t.

Not sure if MailTag will be useful for you? You can try it out for 2-weeks, without even having to share your card details.

MailTag is also a tool that allows you to send automatic follow-ups if your emails are not opened, while also allowing you to schedule your emails.

7. Clockify

Simple tasks take you a long while to complete?

You need to use time tracking to see how exactly you are spending your time.

It’s proven that we are more likely to stick to the task we are meant to do when time is being tracked. Clockify? Its free version is so packed with features that it beats most of its premium competition. 

Once you start tracking your time, you will never go back to working without time tracking.

8. The Great Suspender (Crucial Chrome Productivity Extension That Keeps Things Running Smoothly)

Google Chrome is loved for the extensions like in this guide, but hated for how much it slows down a computer. If you are a tab lover (like me) and deal with 30-60 tabs at one time. The Great Suspender suspends them allowing your computer to run as smoothly as if it didn’t have all the tabs open.

9. Session Buddy

We tend to store tabs because we are afraid they will disappear if we don’t. This Chrome add-on saves them, allowing you to organize them for later.

10. Stay Focused

The reason why most people never get their work done? As they procrastinate by doing a lot of other things. And that sometimes includes searching for posts with add-ons for productivity, instead of just working.

Stay Focused is a Chrome add-on that allows you to eliminate the possibility of accessing the sites that you often find yourself on.

When you install this extension, we recommend that you press on the Nuclear option, and select to block all sites, minus the ones you truly need for your project. 

That way you eliminate all the distractions on your way.

11. Freedom

Freedom runs on a similar basis of Stay Focused, except it’s not just a Chrome add-on.

…And it doesn’t just block Google Chrome websites, but also apps, on all your devices.

That means that when it hits 6 PM and you still have some project to finish, and Netflix starts hitting your head, you will keep working.

And for many, that will make a tremendous difference.

12. Burner Mail

Burner mail is a super important extension for privacy.

If you ever need to provide an email address when signing up somewhere and are worried that that email address will be sold to someone and then forever spammed, Burner Mail is the solution to that issue.

What this Chrome extension does is that it creates a burner email for you, allowing you to receive your emails safely, without ever revealing your true email.

13. Otter

This is technically not a Chrome add-on so it works on all browsers, but it’s an incredibly useful tool if you prefer to speak rather than write, or if your work consists of a lot of note saving.

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Otter is a voice to text recorder, but it’s the most advanced one we ever tried as it used AI to figure out what you just said, providing far more accurate results, not to mention that Otter is able to also to separate different voices as a conversation is happening.

14. Tab Resize

This super simple Chrome add-on makes productivity simple.

If you rock just one monitor and work on projects that require for instance writing and researching at the same time, every time you switch a tab, you are losing focus not to mention that it’s simply not efficient.

Tab Resize fixes that issue allowing you to resize your tabs in two clicks, as you wish.

These 14 Chrome Add-Ons Are Critical for Productivity

These Chrome add-ons for productivity will allow you to work better and quicker, but only if you start using them right away.

It’s super easy to fall into the trap of constantly looking for things that will save you time, instead of just doing the work.

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