Working from home might seem great, and it is. Until you don’t finish all the work you need to finish because you had Netflix around you. That’s why we made these 12 essential work from home tips for working from home during Coronavirus.

12 Essential Work from Home Tips for Working from Home during Coronavirus

…So that you can eliminate the distractions, focus better, and be more productive.

These will save you a ton of time, allowing you to work both less and better.

1. Mimick Work Environment with Sounds

The biggest problem with working from home is that it lacks the sounds of a workspace…

Work sound whether office space or cafe sounds are by many found as crucial when working.

And that’s because our brains automatically classify certain sounds with certain behaviors.

This is where YouTube comes in with a ton of great workspace and cafe sounds.

We are attaching some of our favorite sounds for work below:

These are absolutely incredible for getting into the work mode when working from home, and something that we are even using right now as writing this blog post.

2. Get Noise-canceling Headphones

Getting work sound is important, but so is eliminating any distracting noise around you, such as of your fridge, dog, or people around out.

Hearing the right sounds is important, but not hearing the wrong sounds is as equally important.

Our choice? Sennheiser Momentum 3. Incredible sound, noise-canceling, and just enough battery for an extreme double digits hours of work.

12 Essential Work from Home Tips for Working from Home during Coronavirus

Of course, during this time, shopping is hard, but if you can get a pair of these or any other similar headphones, it will help you drastically with your work.

3. Have a Schedule

The great thing about work from home is that you can be very flexible with your work.

That’s a big benefit you will notice while doing work from home, however, there’s also the huge downside.

As while it’s great to be sometimes able to start working later, without any schedule, “I’ll work later” can turn into “I’ll work after one episode of x” which then turns into “5 episodes of x.”

That’s why it’s super important to have a schedule.

Some useful software for planning a schedule? Milanote and Plan.

As far as the schedule part itself, it doesn’t mean that you need to have some super strict program. Frankly, that option doesn’t work effectively for most but just have a structure. Know at what times you will work and at what time you’ll need to have a break, otherwise, you’ll end up doing tasks that have nothing to do with your work.

4. Track Your Work (One Of The Most Vital Work From Home Tips)

The big benefit of tracking your work with extensions like Clockify is that tracking makes us more focused on the work we are meant to be doing.

We feel guilty when we are tracking that we are working when we aren’t actually working, and that’s why tracking is so effective.

In the long-term, as you continue tracking your work at home, you will realize that it’s also super helpful as far as noticing what type of work you get done quicker at certain times of the day, allowing you to create a more effective schedule.

5. Set Boundaries with People Around You

If you are at home, chances are that someone else is in your home too.

That can be a big distraction that you wouldn’t necessarily have at work.

A distraction that can result in you losing 23 minutes of focus per interruption.

One of the most important working from home tips is that you set boundaries with people.

You need to have “DO NOT DISTURB” times whenever you are working.

…Otherwise, personal matters are going to end up distracting you for the rest of the day.

6. Block out Distractions on Your Devices

At work, it’s just about impossible for you to watch Netflix or Disney Plus.

12 Essential Work from Home Tips for Working from Home during Coronavirus

At home? Nobody is watching meaning that you can watch.

Of course, it’s easy to say that you won’t do it, but haven’t we all been there? In a situation where we said that we were not going to do something, but did it anyway?

The only way to make sure there are no distractions when working from home is by eliminating the possibility of them.

And that’s where the Chrome extension Stay Focused comes in as a tool that allows you to block certain websites for a set time.

Since we have our phones around us all the time, an extension most will find more useful is Freedom, though. It allows you to block both websites and apps for a set amount of time.

7. Use Productivity Extensions

Apps like Freedom allow you to focus better, but there’s a ton of other apps that will help you work better and faster at home during coronavirus.

  1. Text Expander – Allows you to save time by writing codenames instead of full sentences. Save what you write a lot as a codename, and whenever you need it, just write the codename, and that snippet will appear.
  2. The Great Suspender – Regardless of how great your computer, once you start loading tabs, Chrome isn’t going to like it. The Great Suspender fixes this issue by suspending these tabs.
  3. Grammarly – Save time on correcting mistakes with AI correction. Our brains love to skip past our errors making it incredibly hard to correct mistakes, meanwhile, proofreaders are pricey. Grammarly fixes that.
  4. MailTag – Ever wondered what happened after you sent an email? With MailTag you will know exactly when your email is opened and when a link in that email is clicked. MailTag is also a tool used for sending automatic follow-ups and scheduling emails.

Here are 14 more Chrome Extensions that you might benefit from…

8. Take a Break…

There are two types of people when it comes to working from home.

Those that will get easily distracted by the likes of their fridge, and those that will spend hours working without getting up.

I’ve been there. You probably have a task to finish or perhaps are feeling productive, and it might feel like it’s better to continue working, but you need a break.

You might get away with it every few days, but in the long-term, if you are constantly sitting, you are going to have health issues. Especially if your chair isn’t too ergonomic.

It’s important to stretch, stand up, walk around, or even to jump around.

8. Limit the Coffee

That coffee machine is tempting.

I know that feeling. I myself once managed to drink 6 cappuccinos by the time it was 12 PM.

…Yeah, I wasn’t able to work after.

Don’t do it.

12 Essential Work from Home Tips for Working from Home during Coronavirus

The fact your kitchen is so close to you when working at home is a big time-saver, but it’s also a curse.

Stick to coffee as you normally drink it, or you will over-do it.

10. Also Limit the News (Most Essential of These Work from Home Tips during Coronavirus)

If you don’t take out Coronavirus news from your work time, you will end up wasting hours every day, as even if you only read for several minutes a day, what you read might be in your head for hours.

We aren’t saying that you shouldn’t read the news at all as it’s good to know about the virus in your region, but at least during your work time, limit the news completely.

…Otherwise, it’s going to have a too big emotional impact on you.

This is where once again the Freedom extension can come in useful as a tool that allows you to block certain websites and apps from working, during your work periods.

11. Have a Workspace

Being at home gives you the opportunity to work form the couch or bed, and while it’s great that you can be in your PJ’s at 1 PM under a blanket, that might not be the most productive approach to getting work done while at home.

What else do you do under a blanket in bed? Probably watch sports or TV shows.

Our brains see those patterns and associate the likes of your couch with that type of behavior meaning you are just making it hard for yourself.

That’s why it’s crucial to have a dedicated workspace where you only work.

12. Treat It like You Are at Work

Like already mentioned, work from home gives you big comfort.

But just because you have the option of working in whatever you want, from where you want, at any time you want, does not mean you should do it.

Data shows that the clothing we wear during work matters. Just as the place you work from, and the time you work from.

These Are the 12 Essential Work from Home Tips to Work past This Coronavirus Situation

Most people that work from home? They have a co-working subscription or often go to a cafe because working from home isn’t often ideal.

This? It’s a tough situation, but these 12 essential tips will allow you to work from home to your potential.

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