One thing that Microsoft Edge was missing for years? Extensions. That has recently changed meaning that you can take things to the next level while using Microsoft Edge. And here are the 12 best Microsoft Edge Extensions for doing just that.

12 Best Microsoft Edge extensions for Productivity

Before we go into that, we need to show you how to install them though.

How to Install Microsft Edge Extensions

To install Microsft Edge extensions, you first need to download the new Microsoft Edge based on Chromium.

When you do that, all the Chrome extensions will work on Microsoft Edge.

And you will be able to download them directly from the Chrome Store.

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Now, let’s get into these 12 best Microsoft Edge extensions.

Cold Turkey

Get distracted a lot?

We all do.

We don’t all have to.

At least not from the things on our computers.

And this is where Cold Turkey comes in as a tool that blocks out what we don’t need.

Cold Turkey is both an app and an extension that allows you to block the apps and websites that you shouldn’t be using at a given time.

One of the features that puts this extension over other similar extensions is its superb scheduling features allowing you to schedule what doesn’t work at what times, in advance.

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2. Dark Reader

If you spend several hours per day in front of a screen, it’s probably hurting your work and eyes.

Dark Reader isn’t going to do anything that blue light blocking glasses will do, but it will help you limit the fatigue by turning the white sections of a website to be dark. And that will help you work better.

12 Best Microsoft Edge extensions, dark reader, Best Microsoft edge addons

3. Hunter (One of the Simplest and Most Useful Microsoft Edge Extensions)

Want to reach the right person right away? Hunter allows you to find email addresses within a domain allowing you to reach the right person, right away.

4. Grammarly

Grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, you name it.

We all make them.

Grammarly? It fixes them.

How? By using AI.

There’s a reason for why even book authors have proofreaders.

We are very bad at spotting our own mistakes.

5. MailTag

Did you ever want to know when somebody opened your email?

Emailing traditionally doesn’t allow for that.

Well, until you get MailTag.

MailTag is an extension that allows you to track when your emails are opened, what links are clicked on, and even the location they are opened in.

That means:

  1. Less time spent on worrying about why someone isn’t replying.
  2. Better emails from data about how people interact with your emails.
  3. Send automatic follow-ups if your email is not opened.
  4. Knowledge of when people open your emails.
  5. Knowledge of where people open your emails.

Curious to see how it works?

Why not give it a try from the Chrome Store to see how it improves your email life?

6. Loom (One of the Most Loved Microsoft Edge Extensions)

Did you ever have a need to record something in your web browser? This is the best Microsoft Edge extension for that.

Just press on the extension, start recording, and when you are finished, press on the extension again.

We use it all the time on our team to show others some of the issues we are facing.

7. Clockify

Ever wondered how you spent so much time on work but didn’t get much done?

While the issue isn’t the lack of time tracking, but you not doing what you are meant to be doing, time tracking tools like Clockify allow you to solve this issue.

Tracking time will allow you to see how exactly you are spending your time and will help you stick to these tasks.

8. The Great Suspender

While Microsft Edge was a much faster browser than Google Chrome for a long time, if you overuse tabs, no browser will be fully smooth.

12 Best Microsoft Edge extensions, best edge extensions, Microsoft Edge add-ons

The great Suspsnender? It suspends the tabs in the background allowing you to keep things running smoothly.

9. Session Buddy

The main reason why people like you and me run a ton of tabs is that we don’t want them to disappear, right?

Session Buddy is an extension that solves that issue.

It allows you to save tabs for future use.

10. Burner Mail

Burner mail is a crucial extension for privacy.

With it you can forget about your emails being sold to someone and then forever spammed.

This extension allows you to create a burner email that allows you to receive emails safely without your true email ever being revealed.

11. Otter

Otter is actually more of a web app that works on all browsers, but we included it because it’s an incredibly useful tool for those that write a lot, that prefer to speak.

It’s a text-to-speech tool, and while there’s more than a few of them, Otter stands out.

It uses AI to figure out what you said when you said it in a hard to understand way and is able to figure out who’s speaking making it a perfect tool for meetings, conversations, and note-taking, as well as email.

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12. Tab Resize

Tab Resize is a super simple Microsft Edge add-on that just makes life a little bit simpler.

If you ever are dealing with projects that require two screens and don’t have them or want to divide things up, Tab Resize allows you to do that in a click.

These Are the Best Microsoft Edge extensions for Productivity

Microsoft Edge with Chromium means a ton of new possibilities with Microsoft Edge that will allow you to take your productivity to the next level.

Found this useful? How about taking your Gmail to the next level?

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