At work, you have your boss or manager to keep things in order. At home, you have nothing, and this is where these 16 extensions that will help you work better during Coronavirus come in, and that we personally use to do our work daily.

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And a lot of these work from home extensions, you will find them useful even when you are back in an office.

1. The Great Suspender (This One Makes All The Other Work From Home Extensions Run Smoothly)

The more extensions you want to use, the slower your Chrome will be.

Combine that with our excessive tabs usage, and well, it’s going to be hard to work well, even with all these extensions.

This is where The Great Suspender comes in as a simple extension that suspends the tabs you aren’t using after an x amount of time.

2. Freedom

Freedom, unlike the name, suggests isn’t about freedom. It’s actually an app that removes the freedom of being on any site or app, and instead allows you to focus on what you are meant to be doing right now.

Exactly what is needed when you work from home.

Think of it like of a boss that makes sure you are doing what you are meant to be doing.

The great thing about it is that it’s not just an extension, but also an app which is why it’s such a powerful extension.

It’s so damn easy to decide that you will watch an episode of Netflix, but haven’t we all been there where 1 episode turned into an entire season?

Freedom removes this issue.

3. Tab Resize

Tab resize is a super simple extension that simply allows you to split your browser screen with ease.

This extension will come in even more useful if you rock a bigger screen, but anyone will find it useful as it saves time on constantly switching between tabs, thus allowing you to be constantly focused.

11 Work From Home Extensions To Help You Work Better During Coronavirus

4. Text Expander

Ever find yourself constantly re-writing the same phrases over and over again?

What if you could just type in a short phrase and the sentence or paragraph you want, appeared?

Gmail Tricks and Tips - Make Your Gmail Better text expander

This precisely what Text Expander does.

5. Clockify

When people track their work, they get it done more effectively.

Clockify? It’s the most advanced free time tracker out there.

Time tracking will not only help you estimate how long each project will take in the future, but will also increase your productivity and increase the likelihood of you working as you will naturally want to stick to what you are doing.

6. MailTag

An average person spends about 13 hours per week just on emails…

If you deal with emailing, MailTag will not only help you save time, ensure that you are writing the best emails and that you are sending enough, but will also automate follow-ups for you if your emails aren’t getting opened.

MailTag? It’s a Chrome extension that allows you to track when and where your emails are opened.

What’s MailTag useful for?

  1. If you are looking to track how many emails you send per day & to ensure you are sending enough.
  2. To know which types of emails get more engagement.
  3. Scheduling of emails to be sent at the desired time.
  4. Automatic follow-ups if your emails don’t get opened.
  5. Peace of mind over what happened to your email.

7. Milanote

Milanote is a great tool for planning out projects and your schedule.

Its biggest plus? It’s SO DAMN FLEXIBLE!

Platforms that enforce a structure are limiting because structures don’t often allow us to plan our ideas correctly.

Milanote allows for structure, but it allows you to plan in whatever way you want.

This web app comes with a ton of templates so that you can plan out your day or projects as you wish.

8. Hunter

11 work from home extensions that will help you work better during Coronavirus

Hunter allows you to find email addresses hidden within a domain, with just one click.

That means that instead of reaching out to customer service and possibly having to wait a day or two to get a reply depending on the company, you can directly reach the right person.

9. Session Buddy

Why do we all have so many tabs constantly open?

As while we don’t need them now, we feel like we will need them later on.

This is where Session Buddy comes in as a tool that saves your current web browser

10. Loom

Loom makes it super easy to share what’s happening on your screen.

Something that you might now find super useful since you don’t have access to your team around you.

After you stop recording, Loom automatically gives you a link to the clip so you can share it with others.

11. Noisli

In our blog post about 12 tips for working from home, we mentioned that mimicking the environment of your space is crucial for feeling productive and included some of our favorite Cafe and office space sounds.

11 Work From Home Extensions To Help You Work Better During Coronavirus

That’s because our brains automatically classify certain sounds as more productive than others.

Noisli? It eliminates the need to go to YouTube as it’s an extension with all the sounds you will find useful for work. Whether that’s feeling like you are on a train, in a cafe, or in the rain.

These Are y 11 Work From Home Extensions That Will Help You Work Better During Coronavirus

There are many other equally useful extensions out there for working from home or wherever you are.

Why did we not mention them in this specific post?

As we wanted to focus on extensions that are particularly useful to you at this very time!

For other extensions, we recommend you check out our post on 14 productivity extensions.

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